1430 SENIOR PROJECT MANAGER of Capital Improvements - San Francisco, California




Position: Senior Project Manager

Division: Capital Improvements or Construction

Reports to (Position): Director, Capital Projects or Vice President, Construction Employment


In brief summary, the Senior Project Manager is a position on either the Capital Projects or Construction Team. This position is responsible for assisting in the review of redevelopment activities on the Capital side, as well as, once approved, overseeing the day‐to‐day project management of assigned construction activities. This responsibility includes managing third‐party vendors and contractors who have been selected to support the Company in the assigned redevelopment activities and efforts.

All team members at Our Client, Inc. are expected to act as compelling representatives of the Company and champions of our Mission & Values.


  • Responsible for scheduling, contract negotiations and project oversight for property construction
  • Responsible for managing the activities of multiple contractors
  • Follows established guidelines and procedures to increase communication and overall efficiencies
  • Participates in the planning process by providing budget information to asset managers
  • Pre‐qualifies contractors
    • Develops a bid list for assigned projects, analyzes bids and awards project to selected contractor(s)
  • Establishes and monitors construction schedule
  • Performs on‐site inspections to ensure standards are being met and construction is adhering to plans and specifications
  • Tracks and monitors construction progress through site reports
    • Ensures positive coordination and liaison between contractor, purchasing and opening units
  • Obtains certificates of occupancy
  • Responsible for meeting financial, budget and forecasting objectives and requirements
  • Ensures project costs are aligned with approved budgets; approves contractor invoices and change order requests
  • Supports the Director and/or SVP of Capital Projects or the SVP of Construction as required
    • Ensures positive communication and team orientation with members of the Development Team and/or Residential Services
    • Other duties as assigned by the Director and/or SVP of Capital Projects or the SVP of Construction

Managing Others

Hires, manages and directs the career development of his/her team. Ensures his/her team has the appropriate technical skills, tools and facilities in order to competently perform their roles. Manages overall performance of employees through the Company’s performance review process

  • Demonstrate effective management, leadership, coaching and development of staff to achieve company and department goals and objectives
  • Responsible for providing training to Project Managers, Superintendents and others as needed
  • Ensure goals and objectives are established for all staff within designated timeframes
  • Ensure job responsibilities and expectations are clearly defined and communicated, work is assigned and distributed appropriately, staff is appropriately trained, and performance issues are addressed in a timely manner



Candidates for this Position should hold the following qualifications and be able to demonstrate the following abilities to be considered as a suitable applicant. Please note that except where specified as “preferred,” all points listed below  are considered minimum requirements.

Qualifications(Skills– technical and non‐technical):

  • 10+ years experience in Construction or related field
  • 3+ years experience in Residential Construction Project Management
  • 5+ years experience managing others
  • Extensive computer knowledge, Windows (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access) internet and e‐mail
  • Working knowledge of Construction and Project Management software


  • Strong interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong ability to lead and manage others
  • Strong analytical and decision‐making skills
  • Ability to interact effectively with senior executives
  • Strong influencing and negotiating skills
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and work well under time and other constraints
    • Outstanding commitment to operational excellence

WORKINGCONDITIONS(physical,vision,hearing,speaking,mental,driving requirements / work environment):

  • Frequent sitting and walking
  • Repetitive use of computer, keyboard, mouse and phone
  • Reading, comprehending, writing, performing calculations, communicating orally, reasoning and analyzing
  • Frequent travel (car)
  • Works in an elevated site
  • Walks on uneven ground
  • Exposure to construction noises
  • Around moving machinery/equipment
  • Exposed to variation in temperature and/or humidity
  • Exposed to dust, fumes, gases, and chemicals
  • Contact with water/liquids
  • Uses special visual or auditory protective equipment
  • Must carry/lift loads of over 50 lbs
  • Occasional squatting, bending neck/waist, twisting neck/waist, pushing and pulling

CORE COMPENTICIES(Performance Dimensions – from Performance Review Process Matrix):

Market Research & Analysis - Clear understanding of market; ability to gather/analysis market data; use market
knowledge to identify opportunities and develop strategies for the Company

Financial Analysis & Planning- Ability to analyze market opportunities through financial data; knowledge of financial forecasting and budgeting; with an emphasis on accuracy and detail; ability to relate and convey financial plans and financial data to others; with particular emphasis on non‐financial staff and business partners

Financial Management- Creation of budgets that align to Company goals and objectives; ability to meet and exceed revenue, operating expense and profit margin targets; tracking of budget progress to ensure achievement of agreed goals and objectives; monitoring of expenditure and investment to ensure maximum ROI

Administration -  Provides valuable administrative support to reinforce/support the efforts and activities of the Company; work is clear and accurate; skilled in appropriate use of all technical resources

Technical Expertise - Technical expert in designated function of responsibility; uses technical expertise to deliver top‐notch results for the Company; supports the efforts of others through technical know‐how; provides added value everyday through use of technical know‐ how

Ownership & Accountability - Takes full ownership and accountability for his/her responsibilities; goes above &beyond & accepts ownership and accountability for actions that represent the entire Company; thinks like a business owner

Planning & Organization -  Forward planning of work and tasks; delivers quality results on time/on or before agreed upon deadlines; ability to self‐manage effectively and set deadlines for self; focuses on activities and efforts of high value/ROI; results‐orientation; works toward achievement of goals/objectives

Teamwork -  Works well with others; Is easy to work with; understands the roles and responsibilities that others play within the Our Client Team; leverages the strengths and abilities of others to maximize results; puts “team” before self

Communication- Clear, concise oral and written communication; easy to communicate with; keeps

others (internally and externally) updated and current; follows through on commitments made to others; establishes rapport when communicating with others

Customer Care- Puts the customer first in all that he/she does; develops relationships and delivers results for our customers; seen by our customers as a reliable, credible and highly‐ valuable resource; follows through on commitments made

Leading Others-  Leads by example; empowers and equips others to get the job done; shares ownership and visibility with team; manages performance in a consistent, fair and effective manner; develops others

I have read and understand the policies and procedures of Our Client, Inc. I also have reviewed the job description as it relates to the duties of my position as a Senior Project Manager, Capital Improvements. I understand and have accepted the requirements of the position. I further certify that I am qualified and capable of performing these duties. I understand that any violation of the policies contained herein may result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal of employment.

I understand that the company policies and procedures including the job description are not and do not constitute a contract of employment, but is rather a unilateral expression of the company’s personnel policies and may be amended by the company, as, in its judgment, it deems appropriate or necessary.

I also understand and acknowledge the following:

  • I must fulfill the performance standards of this position and comply with policies, rules and procedures of the company, including those set out in the Company’s Policies & Procedures Manual, or otherwise communicated (verbally or in writing) to employees.
  • This job description is intended to describe the general nature and work responsibilities of the position. This job description and the duties of this position are subject to change, modification and addition as deemed necessary by the company. Employees are required to comply with supervisory instructions and perform other job duties, responsibilities and assignments requested by supervisors, managers or other company officials.
  • The job responsibilities of this position may include cross‐training in other functions or positions to ensure satisfactory operation of the department or work area.

I further acknowledge that no personal guarantee of promotion transfers, duration of job accepted, pay raises, or any other exception to these policies has been expressed or implied.

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