– Of 2019 –  

So here we are wrapping up another crazy year.  No doubt a good year for the most part if you were able to shield yourself from all the noise in today’s world. We’ve been so busy we aren’t even really sure what just happened. Everyone I talk to says “I just want to take a breath”, “I just want to stop looking over my shoulder”, “I want to be happy like I use to be”.  It seems that though we’ve all enjoyed success in the last few years  many are hoping to balance out their lives with a little reassurance, normalcy and calm.  I’m exactly the same way and this is what I purpose to do about it. 

Stop spending time on social media sites. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin etc. I’ve come to realize that these sites are designed to make us meander. They want you to get lost like you’re in  Ikea. You just pop in for a simple Tropisk and next thing you know you’re hacking your way through a jungle distracted by the “Friheten” or the  “Skogsta”  and then stopping by the food oasis to stuff your mouth with  Kottbullar (meatballs) that make you feel like Krapolla when all you wanted was that freaking Tropisk!  Not trying to pick on Ikea but the metaphor works well. The minutes go ticking by and you come out having been engaged in things that were  completely unproductive for you. All so you can unwittingly provide eyeballs for their advertising platform. I realize there is some good on these sites but like those Kottbullars, it should all be enjoyed in moderation.

Secondly, I’m turning off the news until the news is NEWS. I’ve lost all respect for these outlets. All you see are Twitter quotes from wack-o individuals and zero true journalism. It makes us all frustrated and angry no matter what side of the isle you’re on. That’s what they want so you’ll tune in and get more fired up and keep those sponsor dollars rolling in.  Nothing wrong with getting some highlights to know what’s going in the world but I’ll leave the decision making part to myself and tune out the chatterboxes.

2020 is the year to stop worrying about google analytics, or who a celebrity is dating, or what it means if someone likes your recent post, or what somebody just tweeted about a tweet that was shared and then retweeted and then….argh!!!  I just want folks  to get back on the phone, shake hands and make friends with good people. Make deals happen that put food on the tables and similes on faces. Spend time with family and friends.   Empower ourselves by empowering others. I hope you will all join me.

The internet and automation have brought us a many great and useful creations but  they’ve also unleashed so many ugly things that, I fear, it is quickly becoming a black-hole for humanity. Drawing us in, causing us to loose ourselves, our ambitions, our individuality and our usefulness. We must all try be the best versions of ourselves and not get drawn in by empty politician promises or all of the new technology that keeps us coming back to Amazon for the next version of an iphone that actually really isn’t any different than the one you bought 4 years ago. 

Let’s actually talk more this year, let’s grab a coffee or set up a call. Get out and shop, see places off-line, enjoy the world so that we can all have jobs doing what we love…let’s have great success and FUN in 2020!!!

Below are some of the new positions that we are kicking off 2020 with.  So far the year looks to be a nice mix of multifamily, office, industrial and retail which is fantastic.  So, please pick up the phone and call or email us and lets talk about your future ( don’t just click “like”) .  HAPPY NEW YEAR to you ALL! 

– Kipp Gillian | CEO | Gillian Executive Search, Inc.