Broad Coalition Pushes for Revised SB 50 Urban Planning Legislation

California’s SB 50 was reintroduced last week by Senator Scott Weiner (D – San Francisco) at what turned out to be a lively press conference, an occasion interrupted by activists at the public forum in Oakland.

Revisions include more authority for local governments, but still compelling cities to create blueprints to spur development within two years of the proposal’s passage.

Sen. Weiner’s supporters now include a diverse crew of liberals, Republicans, advocacy groups, real estate representatives, mayors and business associations, a broad coalition not normally on common ground whose attendance at the conference seemed to point to relevant support for passage.

“It’s actually not that often that some of our colleagues and I find ourselves at the same press conference,” said Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (R-Rocklin). “But, there are some times when there’s a problem so severe and a solution so obvious that it leaves no room for partisan differences.”

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