4 Essential Steps To Take When An Injury Happens In The Workplace

An estimated 2.3 million workers succumb to work-related injuries each year, according to the International Labour Organization. This equates to an average of over 6,000 casualties a day. Whether you’re a manager or an employee, you will want to know what to do when an incident happens in the workplace.

After all, providing the help they need throughout the process of treatment will speed up recovery and have them return to work in no time. Here are 4 essential steps to take when an injury happens in the workplace.

Secure & Assess The Area of Injury

Immediately isolate the area where the victim was injured. If the injury was caused by faulty equipment, ensure that it can’t injure any more employees. Then, ask for help to remove the injured employee from the area.

Administer Immediate Care 

As soon as you’ve secured the area, give the injured employee the appropriate level of treatment. If the employee is seriously hurt, immediately call for an ambulance. If the injury is not as severe, take the employee to the clinic or an unoccupied room.

Then, a qualified individual can begin administering first aid. However dire the situation, it is also advisable to contact your insured medical provider for steps on how to manage the situation.

Handle All Legal Matters

After stabilizing the injured employee and securing the area, focus on the legal matters. First, write up an incident report to log the events surrounding the injury. Claims should immediately be reported to the workers’ compensation insurance carrier. Help the victim consult a lawyer about their personal injury as soon as possible.

As a manager, helping your employee handle the legal matters of the injury shows good leadership and fosters trust. For example, you can hire a Tampa injury lawyer that will provide your employee with guidance and discuss their rights based on the incident. More than that, it is also part of an employer’s responsibility to protect their staff in the workplace.

Create A Return-To-Work Program For The Injured Employee 

As an employer, you’re obligated to create a return-to-work program for the injured employee. This ensures that returning to work will be as easy as possible. Just be sure to provide a solid schedule and create a modified task load for them that will work with their injury.

The well-being of each employee equates to the productivity of the entire workplace. Both employee and employer must ensure that everyone is both functional and comfortable at work. With that, follow these essential steps to take when an injury occurs in the workplace.

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