Call in the Snake

For those of us growing up in the 80’s there was an epic good/bad guy named SNAKE PLISSKEN. He was the anti-hero from the movie “Escape from New York” and then “Escape from LA”. Both movies showed the downfall of major cities in the United States. Things became so bad that a wall was built around New York City to keep the violence from spreading across the United States. There simply wasn’t a criminal system large enough to contain all of the voilent offenders so Manhattan Island was walled off and turned into a maximum security prison….sounds kinda familiar now doesn’t it? I’m sure John Carpenter was just having fun at the time making the movie and probably never thought there would be a day when the police would quit, systematic hit jobs would be carried out without repercussion and little old ladies would get punch and robbed in broad day light.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a Snake Plissken that I am aware of but one thing is for sure, New York is falling apart and other formerly great cities are right behind it. We have received more resumes for candidates trying to exit New York than I have ever seen, They cite “rising violence, over reach of government, high taxation“. I do recommend that they not take their voting habbits to the next city or our whole country will need an Anit-Super hero to save us!

I have an idea for the 3rd movie – “Escape from De Blasio”