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Candidates must always be careful about the recruiters they select to represent them on an open position. The wrong representation can be damaging. Gillian Executive Search will stay in constant contact with you regarding new jobs, conduct confidential discussions with you about the direction of your career, resume review, representation and promotion to our clients’ positions, continuous representation throughout the process, offer negotiation, placement and beyond.

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Give us a call to review your experience, where you want your career to go and our open positions.



We have discussed job openings. Now let’s prepare that resume and take the next steps to prepare.



You don’t walk cold into an interview. You must practice and study. We will help you feel strong going in!


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Gillian Executive Search representation helps more candidates get the job. We take the selection and preparation process seriously.



It’s important to determine a “playing field” for both employers and candidates when entering a search process. To help this process we have developed a basic “Code of Conduct” for Candidates.

We have been hired by OUR clients to review, screen, filter and manage the selection, interview and offer process. Unless you are otherwise notified by GES (and our client) that direct communication is ok, DON’T DO IT. We are here to help you navigate this process and to help you succeed, please trust that we have your best interests at heart.

Please note the following:

  • If we share the name of the CLIENT with you do NOT share that information with others.
  • If we set you up on an interview do NOT call the client directly for feedback. You may send a thank you letter ONCE but outside of that all follow-up communication will be handled by the recruiter.
  • If you are NOT selected for the position first round or otherwise please do not use/abuse this confidential introduction by sending addition resumes and correspondence to the client.
  • If you have recently submitted your resume to the client please tell us this when we discuss the position with you .
  • Do NOT send reactionary emails to our client should they choose to hire someone else. This is completely unprofessional and uncalled for and will result in the immediate termination from our database.

We are here to make the process run smoothly and to help you make the best presentation possible.

Thanks for your understanding in advance!

Kipp Gillian | President | Gillian Executive Search

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