What We Do For The Employer

When you engage Gillian Executive Search you engage a partner that will handle detailed position descriptions, marketing, candidate sourcing, recruiting, vetting and selection, interviews, offer negotiation and placement.

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Code Of Conduct

It’s important to determine a “playing field” for both clients and candidates when entering a search process. To help this process we have developed a basic “Code of Conduct”. You, as an employer, are of course the life blood of our profession. That being said GES doesn’t work for just any company. In order to increase your success rate with us or any outside search agency please note the following:

  • Be prepared. GES works for many of the strongest real estate development and construction companies in the nation. It is because we never give up and we always find the right candidate. When you call us please be prepared and have at least an outline of the position for us to review. We can walk you through the rest and figure out the best description together.
  • Have approval to hire an agency before calling.
  • If you have had a history of problems filling a position(s) then it’s probably not a hiring issue. It’s more than likely an internal management issue. Please “look under the hood” in that department and find out why people are quitting. GES looks forward to helping our clients and creating successful career transitions for our candidates. We will not work for companies that have rotating doors as it is bad for our business and more importantly it’s bad for people’s careers.
  • Gillian Executive Search requires very little maintenance from our clients. The only thing we ask is to give us a good inside view of exactly the type of person you want and provide us with feedback during the search. Typically we fill our positions within 1 to 3 candidates. Feedback is critical to make this happen and to keep the pace moving.


Some common Q&A:

  • Types of searches?: Gillian Executive search conducts both Retained and Contingent searches.
  • Time to fill a requisition?: Every position is different and so are the people and companies involved. It’s hard for us to predict when a position will be finished. But rest assured that we will exhaust very resource at our disposal to complete your search successfully.
  • Fees Negotiable?: We have a set fee schedule for both Retained and Contingent searches. We prefer to keep it that way because being the “low fee” contract on a recruiter’s desk does not help your search process. We want to make sure we give every client equal and undivided attention. Having all contracts the same helps us insure this. Granted, there are some clients that give us more work than others and in those cases special arrangements can be made. Contact Kipp Gillian to discuss this.

We are here to help and more importantly to fill your open positions and we take that responsibility very seriously,


Kipp Gillian – President
Gillian Executive Search, Inc.
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