Career Coaching


Kipp Gillian is the ultimate motivator. He is known has the BULL for his unrelenting focus in helping people further their careers in real estate development, construction management, architecture and more. Companies across the United States have relied on him to recruit talent and cultivate better teams for their pursuits.

CAREER COACHING with Kipp Gillian is designed for those that need help getting motivated, organized or completely restructured in their career goal strategy. Fine tuning your career objects can feel like you’re getting ready for a tax appointment but at the end of it you’ll feel that you have a better sense of yourself, your abilities, what you’ve done right and what you’ve done wrong. Your career is worth they effort. Afterall we spend about 70% of our lives at work.  Take a look at our simple options below and select which one(s) you’d like and schedule it.  If you have any questions give Kipp a call at 866-600-0437 and he’ll review the options.


We will review your career goals, ambitions, talents (both known and undiscoverd), career stumbling blocks, past and current interviews and more to get your horns sharpened and pointing in the right direction.


You bring that certain “something” to the table.  What is that “something”? What does “IT” stand for and why does the client need “IT”?  Discover your personal brand then carve a path and deliver. Let’s discover “IT” together in this  branding session.


You’re motivated and you have your personal brand figured out. Now it’s time to learn how to market yourself. This session will discuss everything from interviews to online. Let’s clear a path and create your marketing strategy.


SHARPEN + BRAND + MARKET, if you harness and properly use all 3 of these career focusing tools you’ll be well on your way to running with the bulls. This session is for those who are really wanting to shake things up and aren’t afraid to really look deep.